A Not-So-Formal Introduction & FAQ

Fallon Marie
5 min readOct 14, 2021

Hi! My name is Fallon. I have been working professionally as a writer since 2011. I write about Disney, disability, books, mental health and whatever else feels important to me or could be helpful to my readers. My portfolio can be found in the publication Fallon’s Writing Portfolio, and includes articles, personal essays, a couple short stories, poetry, and some academic writing.

Here’s a little more about me and what I hope to accomplish here, along with some questions I get asked pretty regularly.

My goal with this platform is to bring the passion back into my work, while also helping as many people as possible (and make a living). Over the last few years, work has felt void of joy and passion. It’s felt like I am simply a cog in a content creation machine and not a person. Simply another body to fill another company’s content quota. That feels soul-sucking. While I fully recognize that this could simply have been a WICKED case of burn out that could occur in any field, one of the main reasons I’ve been in ONE field for 10 years is because I LOVE this work. I love writing. I don’t ever want to fall out of love with the life-changing power of the written word. Books have-full stop- saved my life. Writing has-full stop-saved my life. As a writer myself, I fully recognize that my work can bring joy, validate, be an extension of my activism, uplift, inspire, and elevate people. So I never want to hide my gift or let my monetary needs inadvertently kill my art.

1. Why are you in a wheelchair?

I have Cerebral Palsy- hyper-extensive spastic diaplegia type. CP occurs when there’s an injury to the brain around the time of birth. How much a person is affected depends entirely on the circumstances of THEIR injury and what type of Cerebral Palsy they have. Hyper-extensive means my muscles are over-extended and diaplegia means my legs are mostly affected. My mom lost fluid multiple times and I was born with the cord around my neck 3 and a half months premature.

2. So do you walk?

Very little with assistance. I used a walker as a kid, but don’t really do it anymore. In order to stand/walk, I have to hang on to something.

3. How do you _________?

  • Get around? Power chair & public transportation
  • Live alone? Currently, I have roommates, but I successfully lived alone with light home healthcare…
Fallon Marie

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