Educating Peter: Applying Accommodations in the Classroom with Developmentally Disabled Kids

Discussion 4: Educating Peter

Prompt: Using the case described within the assigned video in the Module Resources folder as an example, what are some of the common academic and social needs of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and how should these be addressed in the school and community?

Hi everyone!

I really liked this little documentary. I really appreciated his teacher’s honesty about how her perspective shifted in regards to Peter’s education. She went from being unsure if Peter could do anything to expecting him to be able to complete tasks (HBO, 1992) and having total confidence in him.

All children need social interaction and academic instruction in the classroom, Outside of home, school is also one of the first places kids learn social skills and how to manage their emotions in the real world. For disabled kids, these needs may need to be met in different ways. For kids with intellectual disabilities, it’s important to meet them where they’re at and then build on that.

Disabled children typically need an IEP to be more successful in the classroom. In Peter’s case, his inclusive education began by focusing on the social aspect of the classroom (HBO, 1992). After Peter was more comfortable socially, his teacher began focusing on his academic skills. He was paired up with a friend so that she could help him write down answers as he dictated them, and was encouraged to stay on task in class by his teacher (HBO, 1992),

“Educating Peter” is an excellent example of inclusive education and accommodations being applied appropriately.


HBO. (1992). Educating Peter. YouTube.


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Fallon Marie

Fallon Marie

She/her ♿️🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🤘🏻🦋✝️If you can’t stand up, stand out Writer, cat mom, future therapist, Disney nerd. advocate Hebrews 4:15-16.

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